How It Works

How do I sign up to participate in your projects?

You can sign up to participate here. Once you have registered to be on our panel of research participants, our project and recruiting staff will be able to invite you to complete studies. Candidates that successfully finish the screening process are eligible for focus groups.

How can I find out about available studies?

We will contact you via telephone or email when we find a project that may fit your demographics. You can also follow us on Twitter @FocusGroupBC for real-time updates on focus groups that need to be filled ASAP.

How do I know if I qualify?

If we see that your profile matches the requirements of our study, our recruiters will contact you either per phone or email and take you through the screening process. If the information you provide to our recruiters matches the demographics of the study, we will invite you to the group.

What is the screening process?

We recruit different demographics for our studies. For example, when we are doing research about baby food, we usually invite mothers with babies. To determine if you are the right fit for a study (i.e. we cannot invite people without children for our baby formula groups), our recruiters will phone you and ask several questions designed to determine if you are the right person for a study. If you qualify, they will confirm your attendance by letting you know the time, day, and location.

How can I leave the panel?

To unsubscribe, please send us an email with a subject line “unsubscribe”.